You go through the Tiber Valley and after the centre of Collestrada you enter the Umbra Valley. The first town is Bastia Umbra, then you reach Santa Maria degli Angeli, dominated by the massive structure of the Basilica that preserves inside the little church of Porziuncola.

As you climb to Assisi, you enjoy a unique sight of the town, built on the slopes of Mount Subasio. Assisi is a centre of Umbria rich in history and a place of notable spirituality. Many are the attractions: the Basilica of St. Francis and the Sacred Monastery, many churches bound up with the Saint and Saint Clara, the civic buildings, the façade of the Roman Temple of Minerva, the Medieval Fortress that dominates the town. The territory is full of historic places as the Hermitage of the Carceri on Mount Subasio. Typical products are milk products, DOC wine (DOC stands for "Contolled Denomination of Origin"), DOP extravirgin olive oil (DOP stands for "Protected Denomination of Origin"), ceramics and embroidery.

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