Città di Castello (35 km) and the Upper Tiber Valley

The Upper Tiber Valley, the extreme part of which is called Val Tiberina, extends to the north of Perugia. Near the highway E 45 and before Umbertide, you can visit the Benedectine Abbey of "San Salvatore di Montecorona", founded by St. Romualdus in 1008.

After Umbertide, you reach Città di Castello, a centre of medieval and Renaissance art of Umbria. Interesting monuments are the "Palazzo Comunale", the Cathedral, the "Palazzo Vitelli" - centre of exhibitions - and the Burri Museum, that contains several works of the painter Alberto Burri (Città di Castello 1915 - Nice/France 1995). Typical products are white truffles and other products of the woods. Besides, this district is important for the sale of antique furniture and the production of pieces of furniture made with antique wood. Arts and crafts in Città di Castello include the production of textiles, the famous "Tela umbra".

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